Another week

How is it that I plan on writing every few days and all the sudden it’s been over a week?  I had my yearly check up with the Neurologist. Well, that’s a lie. I don’t see my Neurologist anymore, I see his PA; because I’m a boring patient. I’m okay with being boring; that means they just need to fill out my DOT paperwork and refill my medication. I was so set on standing up and getting Ambien or something for my sleep. I currently take either 3 of the generic Simply Sleep; so 75mg or 3-4 generic Benadryl. Yes, that’s a lot, and she knows. She was a little shocked. But she knows.

She actually brought it up; but nothing. There’s some ungodly high percentage [like 75% or more] people with seizure disorder / epilepsy have issues with sleeping. Well, she chalked it up to the side effects of both my meds have insomnia listed; and that I might be unlucky to face that. for 14 years I have taken them at night; around 10pm. She suggested to move them to the morning.  It hasn’t been a week yet, and I feel like I’m sleeping better. I need to try to taper back on the Benadryl/Simply Sleep I’m taking and see if I can do better. I feel like my appetite is suppressed a bit – which is one of the side effects of both meds; so HEY maybe it still does have that effect but it was just doing it at 3am.. when I was attempting to sleep.    We shall see.

I’m actually yawning and feeling tired again tonight. I’m liking it. I’m not sure why this wasn’t noted until now.  Hoping this works!

In other news, we are 37 days from moving in to the new University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital. Goodness. I could have sworn this was an idea, and then a hole in the ground, and now it’s a thing… patients will be in there and surgeries will be done in there in a month and a week. How!?!  It’s freaking November. This year has flown.

I really need to break out the new planner and get some things in there but I’m nervous it’s hard.. but I need to.

I bought a ticket to see LANco and Dylan Scott at First Avenue Club and got the sweetest message from the owner when I got the “shipped” email saying he was sending 3 extra comped tickets. I was blown away. Totally made my day in the chaos of work.  This is not only why you support local business, but why you see live music when said local business bring them locally!  This was not expected, but wow; talk about making my day. And LANco. The band that hardly anyone knows, but I listen to non-stop!  And Waterloo Revival, and Zach DuBois… but you know, don’t ask me for suggestions because they’ll be mainstream in a few years and you’ll be ike “why do I know this song?” duh you heard it in my car….

Okay, I need to cringe and check in on the score of the once tied 7-7 Game 7 of the Cubs vs Indians World Series game, and do a few things in my office, and then crawl in bed.


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