Saturday Shenanigans

This last few weeks at work have been very trying. We had a national survey / review come in (late) they were to be here in July, didn’t show until September. Then we had some infractions, so from when they left til they com back to check the fixes, we’re scrambling. I don’t think I did 10% of my normal work routine the last few weeks to fix said infractions, and sit in meetings about them.

Last weekend I didn’t do too much, but got a few things done. This weekend I planned on getting an oil change, a quick trip to Kalona, and hanging with Adam.

As I was getting in my car this morning the light popped up on that I needed air in a tire, but I was headed to get the oil changed, why not let them handle that. The Jiffy Lube I was going to has since closed; it was on the way to Kalona, so I figured it’d be easier. The Jiffy Lube I normally go to had no cars waiting I go in, and pull out my wallet, but no wallet. It’s at home in the different bag I took to work. I tell them quickly to stop that I left my wallet at home I’ll be back. At this point I was mad and just said screw it. I’ll get it done after work some night.

I came home and cleaned up the kitchen, started a load of laundry, vacuumed, cleaned up the office a bit (well except the desk) and my bedroom, got trash ready to take out, now I’m just lounging on the couch watching Orange Is The New Black. I don’t know why I never started this before but last Sunday I decided to. I’m on the last episode of the second season.  I have gotten a bit too much into it, that I haven’t watched any Ellen or anything. I did watch Grey’s Anatomy on Thursday.

My windows are open, I’m loving this weather. I’d be okay if it was even 5-10 degrees cooler. I love hoodie weather. I love not having to run my air conditioning because I like it cold when I sleep – preferred temperature is 67! In the winter I keep the heat set at about 65.

There are a lot of awesome new Scentsy things:


Olympia the Scentsy Buddy – comes with a Scent Pak – order here.

Everyone seems to be liking the Special Delivery truck; the Christmas Tree in the back comes off so it can be used year round

r1homespecialdeliveryisofw16.png – order here


My favorite current scents:

  • World Traveler
  • Spiced Pear
  • Cashmere Pear
  • Apple Crush
  • Apple Butter Frosting (this was only available in a brick last year)

I use Scentsy Counter Clean daily to clean my counters, and a lot of places. Today I dusted with it. I use all of the Laundry line every time I do laundry.

I welcomed a new team member last weekend.  This Scentsy thing, I love it!


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