Back at it.

Last weekend I worked a Sunday meeting; and everything about it was a mess. I am not allowed to work more than 40 hours a week anymore; due to some law with overtime and such. I had a Tuesday night meeting, so I planned on coming in at noon Tuesday and Wednesday; and would still be a bit over 40 hours, but basically I just wouldn’t get paid for the 3 hours over. Instead. Monday afternoon I got an email that someone wasn’t going to be in and I had to be in at 10 to do a meeting.  UGH! My week was just a mess.

Wednesday my back became bothersome; it was getting tough to stand up straight right away; Thursday I had to stop and catch my breath when I would stand up and Friday… it was horrible. I had made a chiro appointment and he said it was messed up.

Friday  night was basically hell at home; about 2 I woke up to constant spasms and took forever to get out of bed and out of my recliner I called my Mom and had her come up and take me to the ER.  I don’t know what time we got home, but I was doped up on Dilauded, and a muscle relaxer and was able to walk in fairly easy, and crawl in bed. Getting out of bed was another story. I had to struggle to get up and get dressed (people… when can’t bend over, getting dressed is the worst!) I finally got my prescriptions filled and was back home and going to pass out. I’ve been up for maybe 10 hours int he last 3 days.

I was terrified to get a hold of my boss to see if I could take a sick day; she finally said yes, but I’m sure I’ve disappointed her. It just seem she’s far from sympathetic. Which explains why in my 8 1/2 years of working there I still have over 800 hours of sick.

I’m not really sure how tomorrow will go, but I have to just suck it up and go and work.

This has just not been my month; at all. I couldn’t be more ready for October to get here; because I love hoodie season and I’m ready for a new month.

Lots of new things coming for Scentsy that I am excited about. I’m ready to be feeling well enough to dive into Fall.


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