Planners and Planner Stickers

If you follow me on Instagram you might see my pics of my planner and the stickers I use. I thought I’d just share some of my favorites and how I use them.

I use the Erin Condren Life Planner. I’ve used it for 5 years now.  Referral Link to save $10 off your first order  When I first started using them; they only came in Vertical layout. in 2016 they came out with Horizontal layout, and hourly Vertical layout. Horizontal is just not for me. I’ve grown very used to my #ECLP  At first the covers were not interchangeable, but now they are. Right now they are having a buy one get one free covers; so if you are looking into buy; now is a great time.  Here are a few pictures of my 2016 Planner and the cover of my new 2017 Planner – that I got FREE because I had placed 10 orders and got a $50 off coupon!

2016 Cover
The Plangineer and Abundance of Erica on this page
A sample of a page
I love my Scentsy Delivery flags!
There is a little washi in here; and in the right corner; an EC Corner Sticky;
You will see my notes to order some custom stickers! One is still in my head because I’m not quite sure how I want it!
Just another shot of my planner. I kinda love it!

The covers, and coils are very sturdy. My planner is thrown in my bag every day and I’ll be the first to admit, I am not so great on them. They truly take a beating, and hold up.

They are a little pricey (see the referral link above to save $10) but I was buying 3 or 4 $10 planners throughout the year, so it seemed to be worth it at first, and now it’s all I will use.

Let’s talk planners stickers and washi. Once I was first introduced to washi, I’ve gone a bit crazy… My friend Karan sent me a message one day a while back letting me know it was 60% off at Michael’s. Between the two of us we bought more than we needed and for each other to mail to each other… I’ve realized after I have way too much; that I don’t really like to use it in my planner.


I had bought some stickers here and there at Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, and Jo-Ann’s. I found they weren’t just what I needed. I went to Etsy; it’s pretty  much the planner sticker mecca!

Here are a few of my favorite shops to buy planner stickers from; in no particular order.

Abundance of Erica  I love love love her mini flag stickers. She’s even gone above and beyond and made some custom ones for me; including a house one, that I use for rent, a WordPress W to plan blogs, the butterfly used on Scentsy so I can make note of Scentsy things.  I have an Etsy one, Target one, Amazon -let’s get real here, I use a lot of the Amazon ones!  She is in Canada; so it does take a little longer shipping wise, but I promise you; it’s worth it.

Abundance of Erica – Most of my AoE Stickers – almost all Mini Flags
Abundance of Erica – Amazon Mini Flags
Custom Scentsy mini flags, Etsy Min Flags

The Plangineer  Caitlyn’s store is the first one that made me fall in love with planner stickers. She has amazingly cute, practical sticker sets. She has made me a few custom stickers so I can keep track of Scentsy Deliveries and Scentsy Mileage.  One time we had a shipping situation; and she has more than made up for it. She’s great with communication!  I think it’s pretty  obvious I love her stuff.

This is SOME of my The Plangineer stickers. I do have more… not ashamed.


Planning Inspired  This was my first order, and will not be my last. I was very picky about the color; I seriously sent her a link to a paint swatch color (which she wrote a sweet note about loving this color). When it shipped; it didn’t look like it was moving; this was not her fault; I was just antsy customer wanting my stickers. She got back to me LIGHTENING fast, and even emailed me to let me know it finally got scanned by USPS and was indeed moving. I hadn’t even had them for 5 minutes, snapped a picture and tagged her on Instagram ( and she commented saying she was glad they showed up) before I even had a chance to email her.  I cannot wait to order more.

Custom Bill Due stickers and the freebie – Planning Inspired

Shooting Star Stickers Also a new shop for me. Similar to the mini flags from Abundance of Erica; the corner flags from SSS are awesome. This entire order was custom designs; I made them for my PWS (meaning personal web site) so I can track my payment. And then WSOTM (Warmer / Scent of the Month) so I can keep track of them. I wish I took a picture of the way they were presented in the the mailing envelope; it was like I was getting a present!

Shooting Star Stickers – all custom made stickers. The left and middle are corner flags, the farthest right is a day banner.

There are so many more sticker shops out there; some you can print yourself – I do not have the tools to do so, and it’s really cost effective to order what you want made for you (or that the shop already has ready to mail).

These are my opinions, and I was not asked to do these reviews. I did it on my own free will. I did pay for all of these items.  

If you have any questions about the Erin Condren Planer; or the shops I listed, reach out!  Or go buy!!   I do have other Erin Condren items; the address book, a notebook, a bunch of the accessories. Most of the planner stickers you can find on Etsy are not just for the Life Planner!


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