Let’s talk TV

I go through spurts where I think I should just cancel my cable, but I have a pretty sweet cable + internet package through a local provider, South Slope. I sometimes think if I switched back to Mediacon; that I could get a better deal for the time being… but I don’t know if it’s worth the hassle.

Then I open up my DVR and set it to record shows.

What would I do without Ellen? The one show that’s not on NetFlix or Hulu, or available to watch online later. I mean, I kinda miss it when she’s off in the summer.

I record endless shows on the Food Network and Cooking Channel. Teen Moms, and Teen Mom OG; because doesn’t every mid-thirties chick watch that?!

And then TLC… let’s get real here people, Escaping Polygamy, Sister Wives, Counting On [the 19 Kids and Counting spin off]

Last night was the season finale of Escaping Polygamy. Something about the show just is really interesting to me.  I’ve read a few books on it all, but it’s much like the Amish culture and the Hutterite communities. The simplest way to explain it is; I don’t really care about their religious beliefs other than dating / marrying a 12 year old isn’t exactly right; and even more so when they are your cousin. Incest is not the way to go. However, the Brown family – their polygamy works for them. I like how they are proud of it, but it doesn’t appear to be marrying young and within your own family. In one’s eyes multiple wives might not be right, but there is no doubt the kids are loved and are taught to be good kids.   I don’t know too much, and definitely not a lot to judge, but there’s a reason Warren Jeffs is in prison for his life + 17 years.

I always watch the Boston Med, NY Med, Boston EMS during the summer where they do like 4-8 shows in a mini docu-series documenting the  day-to-day of a big metropolis and their medical fields.

I DVR both Kimmel and Fallon; while I rarely watch the whole thing I do like their monologues.

Then there’s Grey’s Anatomy, I was hooked from the get go. I loved Parenthood and cried multiple times watching the finale. I loved Private Practice, and even Ugly Betty. I’m going to watch  This Is Us on NBC; and I watch The Voice, although I liked it a bit more in the beginning, but I’ll still watch it.

You see, I don’t watch a lot of TV, then I binge watch all the DVR stuff on a lazy weekend.

When I think about the cost of the bill, then I’m like but wait, I can stay home the entire weekend and watch TV and spend a lot less at home in those few days of laziness than I would in one night at a bar.

And this concludes the blog where I thought I’d convince myself I could get rid of cable, but failed miserable.


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