9 years seizure free


Reflecting on 9 years of seizure freedom. It hasn’t been easy. Many people think it’s easy, but each day I wake up and celebrate another day in the streak of seizure freedom, but each day I worry as well. Are these 7 pills going to keep them at bay? Is this headache something more? I feel like I got only a few hours of sleep last night, will today be the day the lack of sleep triggers a seizure?

I have changed a lot, while most don’t realize. I can’t go to haunted houses; because I have yet to find one that will turn off their strobe lights for one pass. When cops or ambulances pass me on the road I just watch the white line, and try not to look up.  I take baths with very little water for fear of seizing and drowning. I rarely go anywhere too far without at least one person knowing.  I sleep away from end tables, my bed is actually a bookcase headboard so I don’t seize and fall into it.

Life happens, so I just roll with it.

Some days are better than others.

Today I’ve laid low in the world, but I’ve gotten laundry done, one section of the closet reorganized because it was a mess.  Tonight I’ll work on stuff in my office and hopefully get to sleep at a decent time.


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