A few months ago, one of my favorite bands announced a show at a new country bar in the Quad Cities; well, the bar didn’t last long and closed it’s doors. I had originally requested Friday off, but when the show was cancelled; I decided to save the vacation day.

As the month drew on; I decided I’d still take the day off… I needed some office / planning time; so I did just that. I got up and ran some errands, got my place cleaned up, laundry going. Which is still in the dryer cuz the folding and putting away part of laundry is the worst. I delivered some Scentsy to a customer and visited with them for a bit.

About 7 last night I decided the weather was just perfect I’d make a drink and sit on my deck and read. Well, as my luck goes, I had booze and ice in the cup, but the lid was off to add in the orange juice, and something fell from the top of the fridge, knocked the cup and booze everywhere. After I got that cleaned up and a new drink poured; I headed to the balcony. I put new wax in my warmer; yes, I have one on my deck.  I remembered I had a pack of string lights that I  bought for it. I went back in and grabbed it; got it hooked up, then broke a bulb. Then the lights just quit. Fabulous. So by the time it was all said and done, it was too dark to read a real book; had to switch over to the iPad and read.

deck love

It looked nice, for a while. I have on my list to grab some more string lights. I just need to suck it up and make a Target run. I’m dreading it because I live near the University of Iowa campus; so the students are back and the first few weeks is always kind of a madhouse.

I feel like I need to get some sort of ottoman or something for my feet; too. I have two chairs out there and it’s nice when it’s just me, but if Adam is over and we’re balcony sitting… I’ll want something.


I got a few things done early this morning; and by early I mean I was up by 9am on a weekend. I made a post office run and now I’m still contemplating heading into Target.

I really need to watch the spending for the rest of the month. Only 5 days, but I totally didn’t expect the dentist bill to be that much (nor did I expect to have 3 cavities) and I always forget in February and August; my car insurance is due. I like to pay  months at a time because I essentially get one month free if I do. That’s worth it for me!

Hoping to get to hang w/ Adam today. Family stuff tomorrow; finishing up sorting Grandpa Gib & Joyce’s stuff from their apartment.

I am loving the fall weather; jeans and hoodie season is very near! This is my kind of weather.


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