Sunday Wind Down

I swear Sunday nights come so darn fast. Wasn’t it just Friday!? It’s been a productive weekend; though. I’ve got my apartment pretty much spotless; expecting to have people over for my Last Chance First Glance open house.

I took some time and just was lazy, too. I cleaned off a lot of things from the DVR; got caught up on Bachelor in Paradise, Bar Rescue, Escaping Polygamy. Quite the variety.

I was able to do some more organizing and such in my office, and finally am okay with how it is looking. I find myself in there a lot, although tonight I’m writing from the laptop on the couch and watching the first episode / sneak peek of The Voice; but now we have to wait until September 19th…. what a tease!

I need to make some lunches for the week; but I feel like I’m fading pretty quick.  I’ve been reading a very highly recommended book in the network marketing world, but I’m just not getting into it; but I feel like since I bought it, I need to finish it. I don’t think I’ve bought a single book this month – which is impressive. I used my Audible credit on a book to listen to at work and on the bus to / from.

Just got a notification about a pre-ordered EP showing up tonight; early!  Shane Lee is one of my favorites and he’s totally on my #ConcertBucketList I’ve been a fan for quite some time, 3 maybe 4 years. So I’m pretty excited for this new music.

I really do not want Sunday to come to an end; work is going to be a bit hectic this week due to what we expect to be a big review coming through; though I’m told everything is pretty much set since we’ve been expecting this for a month. It still makes tensions a bit high.

Okay, I’m off to read; and hopefully sleep well. But first make some lunches and maybe a bath. Have I ever mentioned how glad I am to have a nice bathtub with no icky shower doors!? I really love this apartment. I need to get some pictures.


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