Last Chance, First Glance

Tomorrow I’m hosting a Last Chance First Glance party at my new place. From 2-6 PM. People can stock up on the scents and items that are going to be discontinuing at the end of August; and I’ll have a sneak peek at the new items and scents coming out for fall and winter.



I’m not sure what to expect for the turn out; as no one has RSVP’d yes; and I asked those to reach out to me for my address; and nothing. I don’t really want to set up for nothing, but I don’t want to not set up and then at 1:30 have people text me and find of where.

I’m lounging on the couch and catching up on a lot of episodes of Bachelor in Paradise; don’t judge. I’m totally looking forward to Ellen starting back up in September.  I talked myself out of getting breakfast at McDonald’s and got some stuff done; then ran to Michael’s to get a few things and I walked out with the few things I needed; nothing more.

I feel a nap coming on. Not really going to fight it.


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