Needing the weekend; mostly sleep

It’s been quite the week; though I have nothing too interesting to report.  My niece turned three on Monday, and my nephew will be five tomorrow. It seems like just yesterday they were born. Time truly has flown, and what little personalities they have.

We celebrated their birthdays yesterday at Happy Joe’s.

I got off work at noon. It was nice I ran a few errands before, took an hour nap, then ran a few more errands and met up with Mom and Joe in WL and we went together.

I haven’t been sleeping well at all; I normally don’t sleep great as is, and take sleeping pills but even with that, its been horribly crappy this week. I cannot wait to talk to the neurologist in October about it. In the meantime in September I’m meeting with some sleep program that has a 76% success rate. It can’t hurt to try. I’m just anxious to see what it’s about; especially since it doesn’t involve medicine.

Adam and I had thought about taking his daughter to the Iowa State Fair on Saturday if he wasn’t working overtime; but he is, both Friday and Saturday; so that sucks. I offered to watch her if need be, but her aunt will be watching her. Kinda bummed because I kinda wanted a girls day just her and I, but there I’ll be other times.

I have a Last Chance First Glace Scentsy Open House planned this weekend on Sunday; but no one has actually said that YES they are coming… so I really don’t want to get everything all set out for no one to show up. I obviously fail at this. The people will have to ask me my address in order to come as very few people have been to my place; so I’m guessing it’ll be a flop.

I need a night of vegging in front of the TV; but I have a dishwasher that needs emptied, and a sink of dishes that need loaded into the dishwasher, laundry that is gracing the furniture and a laundry basket of laundry that needs put away, and if I were a guessing girl; I’d guess I have towels in the dryer that need folded; maybe not… but I’m guessing yes.

But if I attempt to do this right away when I get home; then maybe I’ll zone out into some stuff on my DVR that needs watched.


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