Weekend Rewind

Friday Jeremy, Krystal and I loaded up and went to Des Moines for the afternoon/night. We hit up Zombie Burger and got on the list for a table; stopped by Raygun to check out their funny shirts; then our table was ready. We had a great meal; including my tenderloin that was 5 pieces of cheese big…


We had some time to kill so we went to Jordan Creek mall, stopped by Lush (my favorite store!) and grabbed some goodies; then we went back downtown and headed into Beer Can Alley for the Waterloo Revival show.

When the concert was first announced I called and reserved a booth; it ended up being the best choice ever. We got seats smack dab in the middle, and had a great time. For some reason they were treating us like royalty; which was awesome and appreciated. I was floored with how great the manager treated us.


The show was amazing; we got a few tweets / comments back from WR as we were waiting and they’d been interacting with us quite a bit leading up to the show.  Jeremy stayed back; but Krystal and I were pumped to meet them. They recognized us right away and were super excited we drove 2 hours 1-way to come see them! They were great.

I had taken a video of them doing “Backwood Bump” and posted it to my Instagram account and then as we were driving home; they reposted it; Video here  it was cool to see it shared on all of their social media.

It might be kind of silly, but music is a passion in my life, and we enjoyed it!

We didn’t get home til about 3:45, so I crashed hard and slept a lot of Saturday.  We were all meeting up to head to Hover Hometown Days and watch our friend Cody Hicks and his band play,  another late night.

I slept in today, got some laundry done, more importantly, got it put away! Then about 4:30 I went to Adams; just getting home.

Need to sleep but I’m wide awake.. Bring on the week; I have no real plans, and Adam is going to be gone this weekend. I think I’ve got some Scentsy coming in to deliver all around but mostly a whole lot of Olympics watching!  Adam reluctantly let me watch some tonight; and we got to see Michael Phelps and his 4 x 1 team win gold! I suppose, off to bed.


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