Sunday wind down

This morning I met up with my mom, Joe, niece, and nephew at the golf course my Step Dad is the Superintendent  at since it is being built something like 30 years ago to take the kids to explore and see where Papa works. It was fun, Luke and I used to do this as kids… even when it was being built. It’s always fun to see the excitement and wonder on their faces!

I didn’t realize just how high the pollen count was until I got home. I put some eucalyptus oil in my diffuser and got to work on my office some. I didn’t get it done yet; but it’s much better than where it was. I totally needed this weekend away from work. The boss is gone this week, so I’m hoping to tackle some stuff a little bit uninterrupted and hopefully getting the new gal a bit more up-to-speed so when I take a week of in 7 weeks to go to Nashville for Scentsy’s annual convention; that I won’t come back to a giant mess; and regret taking any much needed time off work for my fun job.


I popped some Benadryl; watching a little TV and then gonna crawl into bed. Here’s to a good week.


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