Soon… it will be done

There just aren’t enough hours in the day. The workday drags on, but when its the weekend; the day flies by.

It’s hard to believe I’ve been in the condo for a month already. My office isn’t quite done yet, but it’s not keeping me from anything. It’s not quite as functional as I’d like, it’s still functional. I’m just kind of picky.

It’s incredibly nice having a washer and dryer in my condo, and a garage. It’s so quiet over on this side of town. For one, it’s a residential area vs. living above a business. The other side of my condo is a field, and I’m told it’ll always be a field. That’s always nice; well, except for all the spiders in my garage… I swear there are more cobwebs built in a day than I can clean off with a broom.

I’ve got two coffee tables and a small side table that I need to get rid off, was hoping to sell, but no one seems to want; not even on Craigslist, that I really just want to get out of my condo. I have two wire storage thingies I need to build for my garage to store things on so I might put one of the coffee tables out there and stack storage tubs on it; if anything. I mean, worse comes to worse the legs draw moisture and it gets ruined; but hey.. it’ll get trashed eventually if no one takes it.

I suppose I should get back to organizing this office. I keep putting it off and need to just hunker down turn off the computer and get it done! I always get this idea to do it too late to hang things on the wall. I feel like hammering a nail or two at 10:45 is probably a bit too late.


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