Broken toes

Broken toes mean that stuff is moved in and finding a place, right?

I’ve never had a bruise on the outside of my right big toe like I had last week, but I assume it’s from accidentally kicking/running into something in this unpacking process. Tonight I kicked/ran into some office storage system thingy (all sorts of technical up in here!)

It’s nearing 10:15, I didn’t get home until 8:45. I ran an errand after work, for work, not on work time. You can find that on my Instagram

I’m still trying to get my office put together. I’m being so super particular about it, and I feel like I’m making progress. My kitchen; well it’s still a disaster. Maybe by the end of the week.  My goal before I go to bed tonight is to have the desk where you can see it’s a desk versus stacks of stuff. And the laundry I have in the washer actually in the dryer and mostly dry. I love having it in the unit, but it always takes at least 2 usually 3 times to dry.

Rather than writing I need to be doing. But I need to be better at writing.


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