Mostly moved in!

Hello from my new condo! I’m about 85% moved in. My “big stuff” is getting moved by professional movers on Friday morning. I had some friends help on Saturday I got a 9 foot cargo van and loaded it up, really full the first time and had help, but the second time I took care of myself. I’ve made a few car load trips, but I’m slowly getting things put away as I bring it over. I have some things left to get in my old kitchen; and some hanging clothes and whatever is under my bed.

I have Friday off; but I’m going to ask tomorrow if I can take Thursday off too. I registered to be a vendor at an event on Saturday; clear back in January. I had no clue that my move would get moved up a few months, so it’s just not great timing, and I need to prep for that…

I made dinner tonight in the new place. I’ve been staying here since Sunday night. Sleeping on my air mattress, but it’s not bad. I totally miss my bed, but most of my stuff is here, and it’s giving me time to get laundry done, things put away, all that

I have a freaking office, that’s awesome! Adam was over here a few weeks ago when I first got the keys to build a shelf/hutch thing and a wire shelf. He’s going to come this weekend to help get my TV mounted, and an entry way table put together for me. You know, man stuff.

It’s 9:15 and I’m contemplating going to bed, well crawling in bed and reading until I fall asleep.

I’m gonna love this place.


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