Gonna be an exciting new few weeks.

To say this last week and a half has been hectic is an understatement. I stopped in and talked with the landlord, and was told I could move into the new condo in May! She suggested May 1st; but I asked to push it back a bit due to visitation and funeral arrangements, and then I have a night meeting tonight that throws things for a loop.

I hurried to get a moving crew lined up to move my big stuff. I’ve started gathering boxes, and have started to pack some. Mostly, I’ve ordered some new stuff for the new place. An entry way table, shower curtains and bath accessories, a new bookshelf/hutch for my office, and some patio furniture.

I get the keys May 5th so I have a weekend to get the new place cleaned and all my little stuff moved. Then the movers come the 13th.

I’m excited to get the small things done over that weekend. I have a vendor event for Saturday the 14th; that’ll be 10-4; so that puts a damper in getting some things situated.

I have a night meeting tonight; so I spent this morning getting the utilities transferred, cancelled and started for the new condo.

I’m excited to be able to pack up and move things one car load at a time; and get them situated there, that’s not in such a hurry. Kitchen, bathroom, clothes, Scentsy stuff… I might ask my Mom if I can get her Equinox for a few days over the weekend; but we’ll see as the time comes.  I’m getting excited about it!

My apartment looks like a disaster right now between new stuff, and boxes…

Can’t wait to show you pictures of the new place.


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