Thank you, it goes a long ways!

The month of March has been crazy chaotic.

We got the “okay” for fiscal year-end buying on March 2nd; that night I came home and attempted to sleep, but that didn’t happen. I drove through the night, and had a fairly sleepless weekend. Came back to work and my boss and I had a bad virus on our computer it took a few days to get back up and running. I put in quite a few hours the next few weeks.  A lot of stress, not much sleep. Long days in the office, really crappy eating.

Shawn came home the 24th; so we spent a lot of time together this last week and a half. I got a new big monitor for my computer at work mid-week, and upon them installing it, my hard drive crashed; my boss and I just laughed because this is the month we had been having!  Of course it set me back again.

I left my office Friday knowing that the last 7 months of doing two jobs, when really it’s been to the point where maybe we could have added someone part-time! It was kind of like the weight of the world was lifted. I knew that the training of the new employee was coming; she starts Monday, but the extra body is a big deal!

Friday; Adam was coming down and we were headed to Jeremy and Krystal’s to cook out for Krystal’s birthday. No one has met Adam in the nearly 6 months we’ve been hanging out. While waiting for Adam, I grabbed my mail and found a card from my main boss, Lela; this was the inside:


Lela is my main boss (upper left); Jackie is our boss that oversees the financial and medical equipment of the jobs and then Jody is the “big boss” who oversees operations as a whole.  I totally lost my shit and cried some big happy tears. It was very nice. They have all said a lot of thank yous along the way and it feels very nice to feel appreciated; but this, solidifies that I am a true asset to the office.

It was nice of some of my friends to get to meet Adam; of course they loved him; and approved.

The weekend was nice, as usual, too short. I’m a little anxious about training a new employee, but excited that I will have some help, coverage, and back up. The next few months are going to be very testing of me. I’m going to be moving in June or July; and all this, but everything is headed in the right direction, and currently that direction is BED!


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