National Dog Day // Dog Tired?

I hear it’s #NationalDogDay so here’s my spoiled sweet man, Turbo. My Mom and Joe have him as he’s not allowed in my apartment, but he’s a pretty awesome dude.


Shawn’s Dad flew to Nashville today to help drive them home tomorrow; excited about that. I put a Pack-n-Play together tonight without instructions!

There’s a storm headed out way, the wind was strong on the way home from work, but I can really hear it howling now in my apartment.

Not really sure what the weekend will bring. AMM had his daughter all last week and then has her Friday and Saturday; seems like it’s been forever. Shawn’s baby shower is Saturday morning!  I cannot wait to get my hands on Jaiden! It’s been three weeks and oh my goodness, I miss him. It’ll be nice to have Shawn home for a bit too. I know that I’ll be down again in July….  I don’t mind the drive down or back; I just selfishly want my best friend (and her baby!) to live closer than 8 hours away.

Just  a week and a half until my new coworker starts; FINALLY. Although it’ll be a big undertaking to train her, I cannot wait. It’ll be nice to be able to make some appointments (dentist and such) and goodness, take a day off!

I think I hear my bed and book calling my name; maybe it’s the wind; either way I’m tired!


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