Relaxation ahead

A weekend with hardly any plans!

Last night after work I had to stop by the UPS warehouse to pick up my Scentsy order; I’ve had two different orders stolen from my door in my apartment complex, so I just have the boxes held. I stopped and grabbed dinner on my way home, and then watched some DVR to cap off the evening. I was in bed by 9. Totally awesome. I slept til about 10ish. Then decided to finally get out of bed.

My friend Karan was messaging me on FB; we have always messaged on there, even though we have each other’s numbers… I think because we can go between phone/iPad/computer and keep the convo going; about the 60% off a certain brand of washi tape at Michael’s. I wasn’t going to go; but I decided I had to just go in and check it out. I walked out buying $40 worth that would have cost me close to $130. I bought a few for Karan, and she picked me up a few. Thank goodness for technology. We live about 5 hours apart, but will see each other in May; however we’ll swap these soon.

From there I headed to WL to deliver Scentsy. I stopped by my brother and sister-in-law’s house, the kids were napping so I got to chat with Jill for about 45 minutes, it was nice. I stopped and had lunch at the restaurant, then made my rounds delivering stuff. By the time I got home and unloaded my car I was done for the day.

All I have managed to do is order a few planner stickers, and load the dishwasher and start it. My office area is kind of a mess; and I need to really clean my kitchen.

I figure tomorrow I will finish putting the laundry away (this is a huge struggle for me!)  and overall some cleaning. I’m already yawning; so I have a feeling it’ll be an early night.

I’m just catching up reading a few of the blogs I follow; adding a few things to my wishlist on Amazon, and scoping some things on Goodreads.


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