Not quite so great with follow through

I’m not doing so great at writing a few times a week as I originally planned; but something is better than nothing I suppose.

We finished a 3rd round of interviews for the open position in my office; my “right hand man”. We’ve been through this two other times, and bu the time we were able to offer the position, the candidate had found another job. It’s quite a process. And it’s even worse when I know that this is definitely a two person job, and were heading in to the 7th month of doing it solo.

It’s a big issue considering my best friend is due with her first baby; today. 8  months ago when she told me I put in for next week off with the end of this week being questionable. Original plan was for her to call when her water broke and I would drive down. It’s about an 8 hour drive to Nashville, and knowing that labors are usually not that fast… now, someone else with  more seniority has the week off starting Friday and returning the 8th. And then my boss is gone at the end of that week…. by then she will hopefully have had teaspoon; that’s not going to be his name, but what she’s been calling him. And even more so, she’ll probably already be up here by then. So the plan is to probably go back to Nashville with her after Easter.

It’s frustrating for sure. The upside I have a lot of vacation built up; and honestly it’s getting to the point that I need a break from work. No matter the headache that I come back to.

With work being crazy hectic, and my Scentsy business is doing quite well; along with training a new team-member, I’m not sure I have  much time for me. I’m really looking forward to a weekend with not much for plans.

Cody and the guys are opening for Jason Boland in Iowa City; so I’ll go to that show; and I have to deliver some Scentsy on Saturday. Pretty laid back. AMM has his daughter, not my place to interrupt that; they need their time.

Okay, it’s nearly 11:45 and I cannot fall asleep without reading a little bit; I need to go to bed!


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