I am so overwhelmed and I don’t even know where to start.

At my day job there is one position that helps me; and my main boss; but it’s been vacant since the beginning of September. This position is the only other position that works til 5pm; therefore I cannot really take any vacation. Not only that but we’re busy; like way busy. The new freestanding Children’s Hospital is slated to be done at the end of 2016; and starting in a few months most things will be moved in and ‘done’ but training and such will happen before the big move in mid-December 2016.

Let’s throw in that mid-February is when we get to trickle down the end of the fiscal year (ends June 30); so we have a lot of spending to do at this time; and even when there’s two people doing it, it calls for working through some lunches, staying late… putting other things by the wayside.

Shawn is due February 24th; she’s in Nashville. I requested the two weeks from February 22-March 6th off tentatively; but hey guess what, someone else put in vacation through the 8th, so it’s a no go for me. It might be the only child she is going to have and I really wanted to be with her through it all. While I don’t want her to be miserable, I’m hoping maybe she will go late…

My Scentsy business has really taken off; one of the girls on my team had a huge fundraiser, so I’ve helped her with that; a few hours of my time; last night I went after work (6ish) and didn’t get home til 10:30. I have another new team member but we’re not able to meet up and connect due to conflicting schedules lately.

I haven’t bartended for who knows how long and I honestly think I’m probably done with it. While I loved the money, but I definitely need the down time from the day job. It gives me time to work the Scentsy business, and ideally I hope to someday go down to 75% time at the day job.

I know everything happens for a reason, and sometimes we don’t understand the reasoning when said things are happening, and other cliche things to. Like you’re only given what you can handle; and I will agree, someone must think I’m a badass, cuz I feel like tapping out. I’m kind of really scared that the stress and not being able to sleep is going to end up bringing on a seizure. And at almost 8 ½ years seizure free; I really just cannot go through that. It would totally break me. I keep trying to make smart choices and hope and pray that it doesn’t come to that, but I’m not going to deny the worry is there.

I have no plans this weekend other than lunch with the family at 11 on Sunday. I plan on sleeping, and maybe a little reading.


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