Crazy 10 Days

What a whirlwind this last 10 days has been. I spent the first 7 dog/house sitting for my parents; while they were on vacation. I didn’t turn on TV once, which is nice and weird all in the same. I utilize my DVR a lot. I also realized how; even with my laptop, my desk and everything in and around it make my business go; without it I feel a bit lost.

I was able to come home for one day before I took off for Minneapolis on Friday morning. I spent the afternoon with my friend Karan we did a little shopping; okay we went to Barnes & Noble, then walked through the whole mall to Target, then back, then went to grab some food with Chris! From there I went downtown. I’m not a big fan of big city driving.  I got my car handed off to valet; so worth the extra money vs parking it myself, and checked in and was asleep a few hours later.

I was up bright and early for our annual 1-day Scentsy World Tour – this event used to be called Spring Sprint; but a fresh new name. It’s a training that starts at 9am and goes til 5pm. The home office team comes, and has new product on display; of course we get an awesome product kit; with contents valued more than it cost for the training. Regional consultants have break out sessions and then a closing session. Every one that I have been to Heidi and Orville Thompson; President and CEO have been to. They were in New Hampshire in the morning and I just had a feeling they were going to be at ours. There are 30 stops in the US and Canada alone; they do a few throughout Mexico, Spain, France, Austria, New Zealand, Germany and Australia! It’s always such a fun day. I didn’t know anyone who was going; but there was some people from my “group” who I met through our monthly training; so I met up with them, it was nice to have someone to eat and sit with.

The drive home was interesting. I had no problem getting out of the city; even though I was a bit nervous. I had plenty of gas to get about 45 miles out to stop and fill my tank. About 10 minutes after getting gas, it started to rain and the temperature was hanging around 32-34 degrees and I started to panic. The rain would go from heavy to light to none. I’d get nervous and think about just getting a hotel at the next exit, then it’d be dry. So I would convenience myself, just get to the next big city; and finally I was home. That 4 1/2 hour drive seemed like 12! I took a bath and crawled in bed. I slept for a good 10 hours; in my own bed!

As I mentioned, I hadn’t been home for 10 days, so I needed groceries; and we have a big snow storm predicted to come our way; the numbers keep changing, but time will tell; I dreaded going to the store. I just couldn’t put it off. I want to go Caucus tomorrow after work.

This afternoon and evening I’ve been doing laundry and getting my apartment put back together; though it’s still a work in progress; that I can finish this week. Everyone knows, laundry doesn’t always get put away right away.

I promoted to Star Consultant today with Scentsy; this is something I didn’t think would happen until the fall, so I was pleased that I was able to make it happen so fast this year already. 2016 is taking off quite well for me and my Scentsy business.

A few things to note; my Scentsy fans; almost all items are 10% off in February, so if you are looking to stock up on your wax, bars are $3.75/each when you do the 6-pack!

8pm and I’m already looking forward to bed.


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