Twas the night before dogsitting

Let me just preface to say this is going to be all over.

Tomorrow after work, I am going to be staying at my parents place with my dog (they have custody of him) until next Thursday morning. I am very unprepared for this. Very much not like me; I’m a planner. My Scentsy business has been booming for January; so being away from my desk and desktop computer (yes, I have a laptop) is kind of throwing me for a loop. It’s only about 15 minutes out of the way to stop by my apartment if need be on the way home from work and make a big circle back, so it’s not horrible.

I sprained my ankle really bad yesterday at work; in fact, I’m still a little worried it’s broke; but every night after work this week I’ve had to run somewhere and meet someone and then stop by UPS to get a delivery. I decided not to go to Urgent Care for x-rays…  Not enough time in the day; but everyone has the same 24 hours as I do.

I just need to get enough stuff packed to get to Saturday; so I can come up to my apartment and get the rest of the things to get through the rest of the week; which will be a whirlwind.

I know I can do it, and I know the disconnect, will be nice. Mom doesn’t have cable TV, but she does have internet; my goal is to try to be offline as much as I can there; just because I need a social media break. Of course all the books I have coming won’t be here until the end of my stay; but they are books I want to read, and I purposely got them in paperback/hardback vs eReader so I can read and highlight (yes, I said it) but they are business books that I want to read!

My ice pack is getting warm, I need to get some things packed and crawl into bed; restless night last night.  I’m looking forward to the weekend. It sucks that; of course AMM doesn’t have his daughter this weekend; but I need to be around Moms. I might be posting I might just get lost in some books and catch up on sleep.


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