It’s late…

It’s after midnight; so technically it’s Sunday.

Why am I up so late? Is it really late if it’s the weekend? I went to a friends house last night so they could smell the Bring Back My Bar scents; and said they were making dinner, I was welcome to stay. We had a good night; lots of laughs! I’m pretty sure I rolled into bed before midnight.

I was up at 8 today; it’s the weekend; I could sleep in. I swear my body is like “hey it’s a workday, let’s fight waking up” and then on weekends it’s like “oh hey, get up!” dear body, please reverse your system!  I finally got out of bed and decided to tackle the day. I planned on going to Kalona; a quaint little Amish community about 20 miles away. My late, Grandma Eva and I would go every few months or so; it took me a while to go after she passed last January, but I did. I miss it. There’s a great family restaurant there, and Sringtown Grocery. It’s a bulk grocery store with amazingly inexpensive items! I like to go down every few months and get things. I really was only looking for orange peel today; and no luck. It was kind of busy, so maybe next time I will ask.

I came home and stopped by Fareway to get a few things, then home. I watched a few things on the DVR; and then decided to take a nap; at 4pm… not my brightest idea. I woke up a few hours later feeling refreshed.

My desk has been needing a little love. A few weeks ago I got it tidied  up; but after a Scentsy party and some individual orders; my desk is been a bit more of a catch all; so I got that cleaned up.

I’ve been working on some Scentsy organization and such this evening (late night) so as most people who take a late afternoon nap; I made dinner at 10pm; good ole cardboard pizza!  But I got some business things checked off my list; so it’s been productive.

Starting Thursday night my parents are going on vacation; so I joke that I get custody of my doggy for a while. I enjoy it for the most part. When my Scentsy business is kicking off a new year very well; I’m a little nervous about being away from my desk and all my things. I know I can pack things; and I can stop on the way home from work if need be; but I’ve gotten very used to sitting at my desk and getting things done. This will force me to hone in on what I need for the on-the-go items, what to keep on me and such.

Must go to bed…


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