Powerball dreams

Wow that Powerball got to be pretty high! My Mom plays often; and hounded me to get a ticket when it was high back before Christmas, so I got a ticket. Then no one won, and it kept getting higher. Finally someone won. When we were younger we always joked we’d buy a deserted island with a country club and call it DICC – Deserted Island Country Club; we still talk about this dream occasionally.  Fond memories!  I know my Dad has always talked about a little twoseater car; but honestly I think he’d be content with having all the kids together on a vacation at “Grandma’s Condo” in Florida.  I don’t ever really “dreaming out loud” with Dad about things like that, but I would guess some sort of a big game hunt would be on his list. It’s weird how we talked about it often with Mom, and not Dad; but I think Mom plays the lotto a bit more than Dad?

It sure is nice to dream about “what if”…

I would definitely quit my job; and could afford whatever sort of health insurance I needed.  I would make sure my parents were set; my brother and his wife were set, and that his kids had more than plenty for college and whatever they needed after they graduated college. I would make sure Shawn had a house (wherever she wanted, and that baby #Teaspoon would also have college and money after he graduated college set up.  I wouldn’t have to worry about not being able to be with Shawn when she brings him into the world; because I could be there; with her!

I would make sure I had a farm house – up here in Iowa. I want a house in the general area of where I grew up. I want some land so I could have a dog and he/she could run, optimal for entertaining; complete with room for a stage to have bands show up for a weekend jam.  I would obviously get all my debt paid off (although I think that’s kind of a given when you win!).

I would also buy a place in Nashville (or around there) you know, maybe Franklin or something. Even if Shawn didn’t stay down there; I’d want a place there, because  I could make it happen.

I would make sure Cody Hicks had a pretty rockin’ tour bus, and the sound equipment he needed.  I have a handful of other close friends who I would make sure were set…

I would make sure AMM and L were set; obviously… but I would like to think that they would be in my plan, and it would be without question.

I would love to walk in and hand out money to families in the hospital. I would love to donate money to the Epilepsy Foundation and the National Adoption Foundation.  And oh my goodness can you imagine my book and music collection?

Ahh, to dream big like that. It’s fun to think of the what if’s; but in the end I know hard work will get me where I’m to be, in time.


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