Work it like a business; not a hobby.

At the very end of December; I’ve been making plans to work my Scentsy business very intentionally. 2015 was very good; but I would like 2016 to be even better. I know that I can do that.

There are a few consultants who post videos on YouTube as a way to train their team. Thankfully they make them public, so others can watch and learn. I’ve learned at least one thing from all of the videos I’ve watched; and I will continue to watch them.

One idea has stuck out among them all; at least for me this year. This particular consultant has an action/task for her business each day. I believe she said “so I touch a part of my business every day”. Her breakdown is similar to this;

  • Monday: Mail and Email
  • Tuesday: Team and Training
  • Wednesday; Post Office and Deliveries
  • Thursday: Booking and Follow-Up
  • Friday: Orders
  • Saturday: Marketing

I like this idea a lot; I had to change-up a few of the days; because I am only able to go to the Post Office on Saturday’s.  Mine looks a bit like this:

  • Monday: Mail and Email
  • Tuesday: Team and Training
  • Wednesday: Follow-Up and Deliveries
  • Thursday: Marketing
  • Friday: Orders
  • Saturday:  Post Office and Deliveries

I have ordered some planner stickers for the planner. I know I can just write it in there on each day, but the colored stickers will be nice motivation.

It’s only the 8th; but I’ve kept track of my mileage thus far, I have a receipt for some business items I bought, and then  got the packages ready to mail out. I’m exhausted and have no clue how in the world I am still up.

It’s time to crawl in bed and read a little.


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