2016 Reading Challenge

I’ve been on Goodreads since early 2009; which is hard to fathom, but I love it. I can keep track of the books I read, the ones I would like to read. I’ve even won some books from giveaways as well.

Each year they do a Reading Challenge; below are the numbers. I think the 2011 numbers are a bit off; as I wasn’t really active until mid to late 2011.

In 2011 I read 26 of 40

In 2012 I read 62 of 50

In 2013 I read 131 of 125

In 2014 I read 93 of 100

In 2015 I read 58 of 58

I’ve already finished the second book for this year. I started out with a goal of 75; but if I get closer to that I’ll up the number. I like to set it at the very least 52 books, because 1 a week is pretty easy to do. I read more during the winter… but I think many do; at least where there is a “winter” complete with snow and ice.

I’m currently reading Just Friends With Benefits by Meredith Schorr Karan had mentioned her book Blogger Girl; so I grabbed it from Kindle Unlimited and really liked it, so I wanted to read the rest of her work as well. There is just something about her writing that seems so real; unlike some Chick Lit that seems a bit unrealistic.

What book(s) are you reading or listening to?


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