Resolutions, or not?

Do you make resolutions? People seem to abandon them by spring if not earlier. I’ve never cared for the word resolution, I’ve always been one to make a list of goals; both big, lofty goals and easy to achieve goals. I’m very much one who likes to cross things off.

I always tend to make goals on my birthday vs the start of a new calendar year; but this year; I just did not. I spent some time around Christmas really thinking about what goals I would like, both for myself and my Scentsy business.

I decided this year to pick a word / theme vs a list of goals; so I chose intentional.

I would like to be intentional with my money: mindful of my spending, working on a budget, cooking at home, planned grocery trips. It all sounds simple, but I’m very much one who is quick to stop into Pancheros and get chips and quacamole to go for dinner, a sub at Milios, or a dinner salad and bread from Zio Johno’s and that $7-9, adds up.  If I make planned grocery trips, I won’t make 15 trips to Fareway in a month! I subscribe to Kindle Unlimited for $9.99/month, so I find plenty of books to read to get my money’s worth. I put my Netflix on hold during the fall due to my Scentsy business being so busy, but now that it feels like winter here, I’ll reactivate it, keeping me from running to RedBox and spending $4.99 on a pay-per-view movie.

I would like to be intentional with my time: making sure that I am getting a decent night’s sleep is my number one for this; a good night of sleep will set the precedence for my overall health and keeping my seizures at bay. I am trying to be intentional with my time spent on my Scentsy business, the whole work smarter not harder; and income producing activities come to mind. There are times I find myself sitting down to do something Scentsy-related and get lost in a Facebook minute; three hours later, I have no clue what I intended to do. I’m blocking off some “power hours” where I will turn off social media; and get down to business.

I have very much been a planner girl; for the last 4 years I’ve been using the Erin Condren Life Planner it’s a little pricey, but it totally is worth it; you can save $10 off your first order, using my referral link: here.

It’s durable, and it holds up from my backpack, to my purse, to my desk, to the floor of my car; normal planners just wouldn’t hold up. It works for me. I am getting better at planning out time for my Scentsy business, tasks at home.

I know that focusing on being intentional; it’ll be a great 2016. This is going to be my year!


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