Goodbye 2015. Hello 2016!

How is it already just a few minutes shy of 2016? I journaled avidly back in the day with LiveJournal; but life got busy after college and it was neglected. I enjoyed it; so I have decided to give it a shot again. Here goes nothing!

A little about me; by day I work at UI Children’s Hospital. A majority of my job is purchasing; anything and everything. From office supplies, medical equipment, toys, and anything that is needed for use at a hospital.  Other aspects of my job include being the divisional travel agent, managing the back end of both the Car Seat Loaner Program and the Childbirth Education Program. For the past 6 of the almost 8  years I’ve worked there we’ve been in the throes of planning and building a new, freestanding Children’s Hospital, separate from the adult side. It’s been a lot of work, some stress, but I’m anxious for it to be open in about a year.

Outside of the day job, I am a Lead Independent Scentsy Family Consultant. I’ve been selling Scentsy for almost 5 years. I never though it would last this long, but because of Scentsy I’ve been able to pay off my student loans, and tackle some significant monthly bills. I’ve traveled to Las Vegas, Chicago, and St. Louis for our yearly national convention and spring training.

I am an avid reader; I usually read anywhere from 50-135 books a year. I only read 58 in 2015 which is significantly lower than 2014; it’s proof that life has been a bit busier. I read almost every night before I fall asleep. I’m on Goodreads feel free to find me.

I was adopted; my parents brought me home from the hospital when I was 2 days old. I’ve never known differently. My Mom always tells me that I grew in her heart and my brother Luke grew in her tummy. That’s how I remember being told I was adopted. I was blessed with an awesome family.

I was diagnosed with Epilepsy when I was in college, after having a second seizure. This is a whole post on its own. I’m currently 8+ years seizure free, thanks to a great combination of medicine.

I’ve done  a little dabbling in booking/managing of a few regional country artists, but mostly I’m a big fan. Through going to more concerts and shows in the area than I can count I have managed to make some great friends in the industry.  I’m a firm believer in this quote from one of my all time favorite artists; Granger Smith. Country music is good for the soul.

Country Musi


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