First of the month.

The first of the month is always a fun day. As an Independent Scentsy Family Consultant; it’s the day we are able to sell the latest Scent and Warmer Of The Month for 10% off.

But January 1st is so much more. We have twenty previously discontinued scents returning for Bring Back My Bar Here is the scents and descriptions of the bars that are coming back. I’m looking forward to Red Delicious the most. These are only available through January 31st; so if you see any you like, please let me know or order through my website.


On top of the Scent and Warmer of the month (picture below) we have double half-price rewards! This means that instead of starting off with 1 half-price item, you can get two with a qualifying party.

Jan WSOTM.jpg

I joined Scentsy in May of 2011; I had bought a few times from various consultants and found that before I received my first order, I was placing a second. I was sold on the safety of it. I loved candles but the fear of falling asleep with it still lit, or worse, having a seizure and potentially knocking it over terrified me.  I wasn’t sure how much I would sell and it turns out that most people love Scentsy, too. I found myself paying for my seizure medicine with the income, and some smaller bills like my electric or water bill. In time my business grew, and I eventually was able to pay big bills each month; car payment or car insurance, some months both! I’ve paid rent countless times with my earnings!  I never knew that my $99 investment would pay for much more than my “candle” habit.

I had a goal to have my student loans paid off before I turned 35; I can say that, thanks to Scentsy I was able to make that happen before I turned 33!

If you think you might be interested in joining my team; I’d love to help you start your business; join here.


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