After the seizure

*This was previously in a private journal; I’m posting here for reference.

This seizure is kicking my ass, and then some. My body is beyond sore; I look like I got my ass beat – a lot. My lip is fat and swollen, my forehead is still big and swollen too. The attention people are giving me is nice – really it is, but at the same time, it’s almost a bit too much, yes, I flew my car over the road, yes, I had a seizure while I was driving yes, I have no idea what the heck was going on, yes I woke up in the ambulance all disoriented.

Yes, I feel fragile, but doesn’t mean you have to act like I’m 3.

I’m very bummed because March 11th isn’t going to get here fast enough so I can drive again, and relying on people to drive me around is going to suck. It’s slowly getting colder and colder and well, soon it’s going to be winter.

I’m even more bummed because I had an interview for an office job on Monday that I had to cancel, then Mom tells me later this afternoon that I shouldn’t have, that I could have just gotten a place to live up there, then I get yet another call for another job… That was in the Bettendorf/Muscatine area – which I’m not too fond of that area; but I guess I’ll call and see what they have to say…

It’s just frustrating, because I need the benefits – health insurance and what not; and sooner than later… I just feel like things couldn’t get worse…


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