Visit with Dr. Hannah

*This was previously in a private journal; I’m posting here for reference.

I went to the doctor today, and I will say this once, and that’s all that needs to be said, Dr. Hannah is the most kick ass doctor ever. She just rocks. She said it sounds like a seizure, again. She gave me a big hug, it was very sweet of her. I feel like I’m talking to a human when I talk to her, she puts stuff in simple terms and stuff. This is where it all pieces together — I had a seizure, my glasses slid down and I bit them, that’s why the left lens is all scratched up on both sides, and why my jaw is extremely sore. My face is scratched at the top and middle cuz of the screw on the inside of the frame, and where the lens is on my glasses, since they are so strong/thick, it sticks out and that is what cut up my face above my lip/my lip and in my mouth.

I’m going to the UIHC to see a Neurologist, and going to get about 10 tests ran. They took three big vials of blood today, so they’ll be calling soon with my appointment. They haven’t completely diagnosed it yet, but they think its this one name I forgot, but it’s only seizures at night. We’ll find out more after the tests and stuff. One good thing, she said my eye pressure is exactly where it is supposed to be, and if it was in question, that might have meant a tumor, but it’s fine.

I will probably be loosing my licence, Dr. Hannah told me to drive back to my apartment, but only drive during the light hours, and don’t make any long trips alone, just from my apartment to my house is long enough.

Danny and Austin are both gone, so I’m going to get my room ready for them to move my bed down and all that fun stuff. I need to clean up my room, start some laundry and all that. Sunday afternoon I’m heading home, doing supper for Mother’s Day, then Monday morning, I’m going to get new glasses. Then I’ll go in and work — it could be my last day 😦 but who knows.



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