It happened again; I think.

*This was previously in a private journal; I’m posting here for reference.

I don’t remember going to bed last night. I know I wrote Austin a letter, but I don’t remember anything else. I woke up at my 10:00 alarm this morning and my mouth felt funny. I got up about 5 minutes later cuz something told me to get up. I grabbed my glasses, and they are all scratched up, like beyond wearing, and the ear band thing is so bent it wouldn’t even go on my head. I went and looked in my mirror in my room, and saw a mess on my face. I went out and asked the girls if they had heard me fall or something, they didn’t hear anything. I called Mom. I think I had another siezure. My computer chair is in a weird position, and my mouse was dangling off the edge of my desk, not like it usually is, sitting on the mousepad.

I went to class, I’m all shook up, sore, and so I took pictures to send to Mom.

As soon as Danny gets back with my car — I let him take my car to work since his is in the shop getting new brakes, to work, since I took his in one day. He mentioned something to me last night that my brakes are iffy, so I plan on going home tonight, getting to the doctor first thing tomorrow, and getting my breaks fixed too.


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